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Flexibility And Mobility

What is the differenceand how this can benefit you in  becoming a better “mover”!  

Most people think that mobility and flexibility are one and the same, when in fact they are two very different concepts. Knowing the difference between them can help you in your request to become a better “mover”. 

Flexibility: the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to  lengthen passively through a range of motion. 
Mobility: the ability of a joint to move actively through a  range of motion. 

One of the common mistakes made by many is that they assume flexibility and mobility to be the exact same thing when in truth; they could not be more different. Flexibility is a term that is used to define the ability of the muscles (or muscles) to lengthen passively when the body part is in motion whereas mobility is used to determine the ability of a joint to move actively when in motion. Passive and active are key here. By having a more flexible and mobile body, you can not only reduce your chances of injury but also ensure a more fulfilling workout session as well. And when it comes to Flexibility trainer, Fitness by Eddy is the place for you to be. Hurry, schedule your appointment now!

  • Reduce your chance of injury 

  • Better performance during workout  

  •  Perform daily tasks with more ease 

  • Will help you move better which can help you feel better 

  • Less injuries you are likely to have. 

  • In The Gym

Some simple mobility exercises before your workout will increase blood transportation. 

  • Life

Mobility can put years on your life. No matter how old you are losing ranges of motion will restrict what you can achieve.  

  • Posture

“Your posture is a reflection of what you do most frequently”. 


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