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About Fitness by Eddy


CEO – Nutritionist – Trainer – Massage Therapist

I am Eddy, CEO & founder of Fitness By Eddy.
With over 10 years experience in the Fitness Industry and since 2016 located at the heart of London, i am  a well-established Personal Training Service and in 2019 won the London Best Personal Trainer award.

In additional to personal training, i offer massage therapy, nutritional coaching, & posture specialist corrective exercises providing a holistic approach to obtaining and sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Fitness By Eddy is a one stop destination where you will get professional expert personal trainer. Online Personal Training is a revolutionary new way to get fit. I offer a range of personal training programs that are designed to suit your needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle gain, or just want to get in shape, i have the perfect program for you.

I would like to invite you to schedule a free consultation within which we can create together a personalised plan addressing your individual requirements and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Postural Analysis & Corrective Exercise 
  • Flexibility & Mobility 
  • Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation Exercises 
  • Boxing  for Stress Release  
  • Hypertrophy Training
  • Weight Loss/ Muscle tone
  • Lifestyle & Mental Well-being Support 
  • Nutrition & Meal Support 

If you are searching for online or 1:1 personal training in London, then Fitness By Eddy is the place for you to be. With Fitness By Eddy, you can opt for a wide range of personal training services at highly reasonable prices. Here we have professional trainers that specialize in personal training.

60 minutes session is the most popular duration for personal training,  but it can obviously be adjusted per your availability and timing.

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Award & Qualifications

Best Personal Trainer & Nutritionist


Great results and goals achieved

Eddy really helped me to reach my goals with a tailored made training based on my needs.
Could see results within a couple of months!

Cintia Torresan

Eddy changed my life

I have no hesitation in recommending Eddy.

Working with Eddy has been transformational for me. I’ve had a trainer before and I’ve been on diets, but Eddy brought them together and it has completely changed my life. In a year, I’ve lost 26kg and feel so much better for it, as well improving my general level of fitness. A year ago I couldn’t have believed that would be possible.

Eddy has a great manner and fun to be around. He is firm(so no slacking) but encouraging and empathetic which has helped me keep going on the hard days. Your programme is designed to meet my needs so not just something off the shelf. Its not been straightforward to deliver either as the gym has been shut most of the time and we have had to work outside or by Zoom, but Eddy has been very flexible and made it work.


Fantastic trainer

Eddy is a fantastic trainer and your fitness Best friend during this journey, always warm, fun and supportive.
He sees the training as a common partnership so you know he really wants you to succeed in your goals.
Eddy will get your desired results with you, and will provide the collaborative support and energy when you are feeling up, down or lethargic.
Truly recommend Fitness by Eddie, Lotus

Lotus San

Massage service

Eddy provided a massage service to me which was very good.

Very professional.

Pieter Cronje

Great recover from a knee surgery.

Eddy is the best personal trainer I have ever had!
I had to recover from a knee surgery.
Eddy listened to my needs and never pushed me to do too much.
I have found Eddy incredibly professional and efficient!
Training with him is the best decision I made. Thank you Eddy!

Klizia Galeazzi

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